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I do. You do. We all have self-imposed limitations that hold us back. VIM EFFECT is a program of short training techniques and affirmative actions that will quickly teach you how to impose your mind over matter.


ground-breaking technologies

will get rid of your shortcomings and enhance your most attractive qualities. You will break poor habits and replace them with positive, satisfying and productive rituals that quickly program your mind for success and growth.

it’s Real Life education and Real Life results.

Illuminating, enjoyable, mind-blowing, you will learn to really love yourself and embrace your new endless possibilities.

And check out a few of the many features. The VimBoard goal tracker helps visually chart your progress. VimJournal keeps your revelations in one place. VimCommunity engages our vast support group to share and cheer your progress and help with accountability. And the internal social media infrastructure of VimMingle, VimMessenger and VimBlog facilitate treasured connections that invariably turn to life-long friendships.

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VIM ADVANTAGE features over 300,000 member exclusive discounts from the world’s best brands. You’ll save up to 50% off from America’s top brands in over 10,000 cities across the nation.

With Vim Advantage, you have a program that helps VIM EFFECT pay for itself. Save your cash with discounts on items and services you already use! Go to a restaurant or the movies, even get a house cleaner and Vim Advantage pays you back.

you are in control of your happiness.

With VIM EFFECT you will learn about happiness, that you are in control of your happiness and creating your future. Most success in our lives comes to us by having a positive outlook on life and our social support system. If we see things as a challenge and never as a threat to us, we will have a better outcome.

Live in the Present
With VIM EFFECT you will learn to live your life in the present and not look backwards. You will learn that you are the only one responsible for your happiness and to be positive for the best outcomes.

Goal Setting & Journaling
You will learn about the positive impact that setting goals and journaling has on your life, the role of how meditation and being kind to others makes your life amazing.


With VIM EFFECT, you will discover your stress triggers and where they come from. You will learn to understand the possibilities your life has to offer you and discover what true happiness is for you. You will become authentic in your thinking and master the power of choice and how to make better choices in your life. You will learn all about goals and what they are and what they mean in your life. You will reconnect with your true purpose, master the skill of listening and acquire the ability to set up and obtain goals in your life, which will make you powerful, positive, confident and effective!

Success & Happiness
Learn to create new personal success, health, wealth and happiness; Earn money every month, over and over again; Develop skills to establish a strong, positive relationship with money so you may attract more of it into your life; Discover how simple it is to earn a substantial income with our system; Become more self confident than you ever thought possible; Be an inspiration to those around you and help them get on the path


Become authentic in your thinking; Identify limiting beliefs about relationships, career, parenting and money that may be keeping your from your ideal life; Learn to realize the possibilities your life is offering you; Learn once and for all how to achieve your most meaningful goals and desires; Create true wealth!

Positive Thinking & Conditioning Your Mind for Success
Become more aware of the positive and negative influences in your life; Master the power of choice and to feel free to make choices in your life; trust your instincts and become self-reliant; discover why you haven't had the success you deserve; Let go of the past so you may move forward in your life powerfully; Control your ego and use it as a powerful tool for success; become 100% in control of your thoughts, actions and income

Master Priceless Skillsets in Many Areas of Your Life
Grow your insights and skills to build powerful, lasting, profitable relationships; Learn the skill of listening and showing empathy; master the skills to become resilient and unstoppable; develop your communication skills (which is vital to getting what you want); expand your goal setting skills into "goal getting" skills

Achieve the life


Authentic happiness starts from the inside out. VIM EFFECT is your step-by-step guide to unleashing that ultimate you.

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